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Commercial Services

Landworks Limited takes the visions of todays top local developers, general contractors and landscape architects and helps bring them to life.


As an experienced, licensed and bonded contractor, Landworks Limited consistently executes complex landscape construction and site engineering projects of all types and sizes. 


We recognize the importance of a highly trained labor force.  That is why our construction crews consist of only certified, licensed technicians who are constantly receiving ongoing training in safety and installation. 


Our long lasting relationship with the best nurseries and growers in the Midwest provide a vital role in helping us select only the best plant material for our projects. 


Both of these aspects translate into value to our customers. The first aspect reflects this value by maximizing efficiency and quality during the installation and the second does by minimizing plant replacements and ensuring maximum plant growth in the future.



We work with our clients to form a unique landscape to uplift and enhance their space through the highest quality material and analysis of the space to ensure the proper selection of species and plant type.


Shoreline Restoration

Erosion is a natural process caused by a number of elements. By identifying a sites individual needs and causes, different materials can be used to strengthen and restore shorelines to an original or greater state.



Installation of retaining walls, natural  stone accents, precast furnishings and more hardscape elements for any project of any size.


Playgrounds and Site Furnishings 

Enhancing a site can be as easy as adding some subtle furnishings. Whether you are looking to install a couple of benches or a large playground centerpiece; color choices, location, and style can create a unique space unlike any other. 


Site Development

Complete management to successfully develop sites of

any size, in any existing state. Implementing the latest technology and providing

all necessary trades to deliver

a complete immediately useable site. 


Specialty Pavement 

As an authorized Unilock installer, Landworks has the experience to select the proper pavement for your site. As building becomes more ecologically conscious, permeable paving can be the additional element that sets a project apart.


Native Planting

We understand the complexities of native ecosystems, resource challenges, and maintenance needs that affect the longevity of native projects. Combining the most up to date tools with time-tested practices to provide a turn key ecosystem.


Pergolas and Shade Structures 

Adding canopy or shield can provide desired oasis from the elements in open spaces. With so many options and types of structures, we can provide guidance in the selection process.

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