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Maintenance Services

The Landworks Maintenance team understands how a well maintained landscape helps add to your property value.  With this in mind we handle every aspect of landscape care for our customers.  Our reliable team of experts is conscientious and focused on protecting your investment for years to come.


Currently, our maintenance crews oversee a large scope of properties which include retail centers, corporate campuses, public parks and homeowners associations as well as private residences.  We offer extensive, year round maintenance, including seasonal displays and tree and turf health care. 


Full Service

Our teams provide a turn key experience by creating an action plan with our clients. Implemented in scheduled full service care, exceeding expectations, and keeping your property at its highest level.  

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Potted Displays

Whether it is a special event or an accent piece to compliment the current season, our designers can create a piece to add an extra element to your property


Turf and Plant Health Care 

Fertilizing treatments and proper pruning can improve the health and look of your property. Our skilled professionals will develop a care plan to optimize your plants health.


Seasonal Cleanups

Cleaning up after a  unpredictable storm or during the maintenance  season, Landworks teams will work to restore your property, providing updates at every step.

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