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Snow and Ice Management

With over 43 years of experience in the Chicago landscape industry, our team has battled winters for many years. Through the many winter seasons, Landworks has improved its abilities to respond through the weather with improved technology and the most advanced equipment. 

Even with the best technology and equipment, training is the most vital part of a successful operation. Landworks safety and procedure trains our team multiple times a year ensuring our work exceeds clients expectations.



Commercial sites pose a number of challenges for property managers. Landworks has many  resources such as advanced radar and equipment tracking to ensure sites are cleared completely and efficiently.


Multi Family Residential 

Whether you are a small association comprised of a few tenants or a hundred plus owner property, we have the specialized equipment and knowledgeable team to combat the most intricate sites. 



Slippery surfaces are a nuisance in the winter months. But for property owners it is a liability. Our winter weather command team has the knowledge to recommend both pre and post precipitation de-icers to lower liability and increase ease of use for owners and patrons. 



When Chicago winters provide back to back storms with high precipitation, snow piles up quick. Landworks works with clients to relocate snow to a designated location on or off site. We also have equipment to melt snow on urban sites where relocation is not an option. 

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